Critical Roundup Vol.3

For Indiewire, David Ehrlich interviewed James Schamus, who just released his new movie Indignation.

Another Indiewire piece; Liz Calvario goes over a new interview between Studio Ghibli and There’s a lot of insight into the behind-the-scenes process of anime, which is rare to find.

For, Tina Hassania wrote a great essay where she argues for the deeper similarities between the works of Eric Rohmer and Alfred Hitchcock.

For The Wall Street Journal, Andrew Klavan takes a look at why detective stories in film are now so sparse.

For Roger, Simon Abrams interviewed Joe Dante. Dante currently has a retrospective of his own films and influences playing at the BAM Cinematek. I myself had the chance to see The Movie Orgy, and it was quite an experience.

For her own blog, Curtsies and Hand Grenades, Willow Maclay does an excellent analysis where she compares Grimes’ Realiti and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Run Away With Me music videos, in order to look at how both films use texture to build an atmosphere.

Here’s another great piece. For his blog them0vieblog, Daren Mooney takes a look at the evolving idea of the American West in Hollywood films.

American Nightmares, Part I: Old Frontiers… (The Revenant/The Hateful Eight)

Matt Zoller Seitz is releasing a book on Oliver Stone. It can now be pre-ordered here:

For Roger, Omer M. Mozaffar takes a look at how Islam has been made exotic in Western cinema.

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