Critical Roundup Vol. 5

For Paste, Whitney Brandt lists 100 Twitter profiles to follow if you’re interested in film. As an aspiring film critic, I have found Twitter to be such an immense tool in connecting me to other so this list is definitely worth taking a look at.

For Outtake, Erik Abriss takes a look at how “The Comedy” challenges what it means to be funny. This movie is one of my favorites, and I think Abriss does a great job of analyzing it.

For Sight & Sound, Mark Cousins developed his own experimental teaching course. I don’t think the article is meant to be taken too seriously, but there’s a lot of resources that Cousins mentions which I think are useful.

Radiohead held a contest where filmmakers could use their song “Daydreaming” and make a short film. For Indiewire, Liz Calvario writes a short piece on what that entailed while providing links to the video.

For Torrentfreak, Andy wrote a piece on how a security researcher discovered vulnerabilities in the Oscars Screener system. This one is very interesting.

For Indiewire, Eric Kohn argues why movies aren’t dying but rather changing to adapt to new viewing tastes.

Raoul Peck was interviewed by TIFF, and one highlight is his discussion on the struggles of black filmmakers.

For Filmschoolrejects, Danny Bowes wrote a piece discussing the physical and metaphysical ramifications of watching movies on celluloid.

Senses of Cinema have put out their 80th journal. This particular release is focused on films of violent extremity.

ESPORTS TV has released a video of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which depicts the film’s raw footage, devoid of CGI.


For The Atlantic, Adrienne Lafrance argues why its difficult for films to capture modern human interactions.

For Sunset Gun, Kim Morgan takes a look at the music of David Lynch.

For Sight & Sound, Robert Greene discusses authenticity in documentary filmmaking.


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