A tale of morals and personal responsibility wrapped up in superhero splendor, Colossal tells the story of Gloria (Anne Hathaway), an alcoholic. Tired of Gloria’s irresponsibility, her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) kicks her out. Hoping to get her life under control, Gloria returns to her hometown and upon arriving runs into her childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). Open to Gloria’s need for help, Oscar gives her a job at his bar. Meanwhile, every night a giant monster materializes over Seoul, Korea, causing destruction and mayhem before disappearing just as quickly and mysteriously. Gloria discovers a connection between herself and the monster, one which forces her to confront her past (and present). Director and writer Nacho Vigalondo carefully straddles the line between his imaginative flair and more grounded drama. In a scene of virtuoso towards the end of the film, Vigalondo brings the two elements together, bridging the gap between his aesthetic and writerly sensibilities.

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