About Site


Review: Reviews are split by categories linked on the right-hand side of the page for desktop users and at the bottom for those on mobile. I cover contemporary films, repertory cinema, museum exhibitions, and film-related books.

Film of the Week: A running column where I write a short recommendation of a film. Taken together, the posts in this column can be thought of as its own Film 101 syllabus meant to introduce newer audiences to overlooked films.

Academic Work: The posts here range from midterm and final papers, written as an undergraduate and graduate student, to conference papers.

Unfinished/Unpublished: The works presented here are more akin to essays than reviews. They range from incomplete rough-drafts to completed drafts that I’ve never got around to posting. Why post incomplete material? I think the ideas discussed are interesting and while they may be unfinished, may be worth reading.


Solo Cinema is the third iteration of my blog, following AEDFilms (2014 – 2015) on Google’s Blogspot platform, and the previously titled Network on Cinema (2015 – 2017) which operated on Tumblr. As I’ve grown older, both my style of writing, and my interest in what I write about, has changed prompting a more definitive switch in platform and name.

When I operated AEDFilms, for example, I was mainly covering Hollywood blockbusters, and the occasional independent film. Subsequently, when I began Network on Cinema, I started to focus less on Hollywood blockbusters and more on independent, foreign-language, and older films. This also marked the start of two different columns that still run to this day: Film of the Week and Repertory (previously titled, Limited). Given that I operate Solo Cinema alone, the length of writing has also changed, so that I may better pace myself. The bulk of reviews in my archive amount to 1,000+ words, yet reading them now, I question the need for such length. In short, I’m now more focused on substance rather than length, although occasionally, I’ll write significantly longer pieces.