Zhang Yimou – Shadow

Those familiar with the wuxia genre will already know the narrative beats in Zhang Yimou’s Shadow. Simply put, Shadow is a story of love and betrayal wrapped up in political intrigue and martial strife. Deng Chao plays Commander Ziyu and Ziyu’s double—or his “shadow”—Jingzhou. Grievously injured in battle years prior to the story, Ziyu manipulates … Continue reading Zhang Yimou – Shadow


Top Films of 2019 So Far

This is the first time I feel that I’ve really kept up with new films, and yet, I still retain a nagging sense of being behind. Some of the films I’ve missed this year also seem to be the ones I think I would enjoy the most: Cristina Gallego’s and Ciro Guerra’s Birds of Passage, … Continue reading Top Films of 2019 So Far

Michael Palmieri and Donald Mosher – The Gospel of Eureka

Video killed the radio-star, and I’d be quick to add, the death of storytelling’s oral tradition. But one can’t ignore the rise and popularity of audiobooks and podcasts. Michael Palmieri and Donald Mosher’s The Gospel of Eureka appropriately begins with the image of a black screen and an accompanying voice-over: “Everyone loves a good story … Continue reading Michael Palmieri and Donald Mosher – The Gospel of Eureka

Dan Gilroy – Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw seems to be from the bygone era of the literary Brat Pack’s heyday. The film’s world of selfish characters, sleek architecture, and high couture, despite its L.A. trappings, recall the east-coast set novels of Brett Easton Ellis—American Psycho, for example. Yet, an L.A. setting alongside a script meant to both terrify and satirize … Continue reading Dan Gilroy – Velvet Buzzsaw