Critical Roundup Vol.2

Critical Roundup Vol.1

While not strictly on film, for her own Youtube channel, Shannon Strucci argues for why video games are an art form. Part of her argument, however, is rooted in comparing video games to film. Videogames are one of my favorite hobbies, and I wholeheartedly agree with Strucci’s excellent argument.

For NPR, Jon Hamilton reports on scientists who are showing mice Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil in order to learn more about the human brain.

The website cinephilliabeyond have made freely available a souvenir Blade Runner magazine that was created in preparation for the film’s launch. The scans are high quality, and the magazine itself delves deeply into the film’s production and also includes an interview with Phillip K. Dick himself!

For the Los Angeles Times, Josh Rottenberg analyzes the role of fan films in relation to the Hollywood blockbusters that spin them off. I find fan films extremely interesting, because they have a capability to do a bit more artistically than Hollywood would allow for their own films.

For BFI, Sophie Kaufman put together a short but great list of films centered on masculinity that were directed by women. Among them she includes Beau Travail by Claire Denis, a personal favorite of mine and a film I highly recommend.

For his blog Criterionblues, Aaron West is joined by a few other guests and in this particular episode, the group analyze Nicholas Rays’ In A Lonely Place before examining Humphrey Bogart’s body of work,

For Movie Morlocks, R. Emmet Sweeney takes a retrospective look at Eric Rohmer’s A Summer’s Tale.

Kino Lorber has put together a collection of pioneer works by African American film directors. This is huge since it gives spotlight and makes available films that are historically important.

For SBSmovies, Joanna Di Mattia interviewed Terrence Davies on his latest film Sunset Song, as well as on how his history has influenced his own filmmaking.

For The Verge, Emily Yoshida interviews Werner Herzog. As always, Herzog is a bit enigmatic but there are some gold nuggets.

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