Top Five Viewings: October

Café Lumiere (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 2003) Manoel’s Destinies (Raul Ruiz, 1984) Dear Pyongyang (Yang Yonhi, 2006) Downtown 81 (Edo Bertoglio, 2000) The Addiction (Abel Ferrara, 1995)

October Film Diary

Per a friend's recommendation, I've decided to start keeping a film diary.  Due to beginning halfway through the month, I was unable to catalogue everything I've watched (leftover film stubs helped me remember anything before October 15), but I still believe an incomplete list is worth posting. An asterisk marks a re-watch. October 1 First … Continue reading October Film Diary

Bi Gan – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Watching Bi Gan’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, there can be little doubt that the director himself is a cinephile. Here, we witness touches of Tarantino, Kar-wai, Ming-liang and the biggest of them all, Tarkovsky. Yet the fanaticism Gan displays isn’t one of inspired creative force but rather of a constraining shadow. I would err, … Continue reading Bi Gan – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Jim Jarmusch – The Dead Don’t Die

The Dead Don’t Die (2019) carries a wayward restlessness reminiscent of improvisational noise-rock. To trace this aesthetic lineage, recall Jarmusch’s debut Permanent Vacation (1980); Jarmusch captured downtown New York’s then No-Wave atmosphere, presenting the city as a bombed out and empty playground for poets. The connection becomes more established through Chloë Sevigny, who co-stars in … Continue reading Jim Jarmusch – The Dead Don’t Die